Citizen Watches

Citizen Watches
Citizen is recognized as a worldwide leader in advanced technology. From the world’s slimmest LCD watch, to the world’s first professional dive watch with an electronic depth sensor, to the first voice recognition watch, Citizen’s record of world’s first is unmatched. The motivation behind each of these “first” is the goal to make the watch experience better for each and every customer.

In 1976, we invented the world’ s first light-powered analog quartz watch that runs using only light as a power source.



Watches Powered by Light-  Eco-Drive is designed to convert both natural and artificial light into energy to power watches. Watches with Eco-Drive do not require any battery replacement, charging or winding to maintain constant operation.

Easy to charge even in Dim Light-  Eco-Drive is designed so that any light source, no matter how dim, will generate the energy needed to power the watch. Light itself is the only energy source required to tell the time with an Eco-Drive watch.

Darkness Is not a Concern-  One of the factors that distinguishes CITIZEN’ s Eco-Drive from other methods of keeping watches running at all times is its “power life.”Eco-Drive watches continue running for more than six months* on a full charge, even in total darkness. Thanks to our power saving function, CITIZEN makes it possible to develop watches that can operate for up to seven years without light.